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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Machete (2010) - Robert Rodriguez

I sat down to watch this film today after seeing the fake trailer for this film in directors Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarrintinos grindhouse film Planet Terror. I was absolutely enthralled by the trailer and i told myself i was going to watch this film first thing the next day as it looked brilliant. At first glances the film should of been an instant hit with a host of great actors such as Danny Trejo, Robert De Nero, Steven Seagal, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan. Despite an allstar cast i have never felt more let down by a film before..

Despite one early scene of action, the film got off to an incredibly slow start, with us being introduced to the films protagonist Machete Cortez, our ugly post-modern mexican hero in a ludicris fight scene including steven seagal as a mexican drug lord. It all seemed a bit silly from the start. After the early scenes we are treated to a good half an hour or so of slow paces scenes involving a taco truck and the occasional gun being flared. It wasnt enjoyable.

In the films defence, as we progress further into the film the plot does thicken and it has a certain ammount of sparkle too it, Machete, our hero is offered $150,000 to assasinate Senator John McLaughlin (Played by Robert De Nero) who is a racist, mexican hating hard assed son of a bitch. Like my other film review so far i dont wish to go into the plot too much for the beneifit of anyone who hasnt watched the film (And i genuinly dont wish that upon you) But i can say as the film goes it becomes even more distasteful, dull and genuinly hard to follow.

 I can honestly say by the end of the film i more than confused as to who the bad guys really were and i was stunned by the ammount of plot-holes stiched into this awful film, of course Rodriguez made the film in the style of a B-movie but that didnt mean that the acting had to look so shoddy, i expected better from the cast and i've been left with a bitter taste in my mouth.

The film also carried a strong political message about immagration and the 14th Amendment, but i'm not going to go into that as i know nothing about American politics or American/Mexican relations and i have no intention of going down that road!

The film was good for a few cheap thrills but really was just an incredibly dull uncomfortable 105 minutes.

Overall Grade: F

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