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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

East is East (1999) - Damien O'Donnell

East is East is a charmingly funny yet at the same time a down to earth, hard hitting film set in the 1970s. It follows the struggles of the cultural differences of those living in a country not of their own and trying to raise a family with trict Pakistanni beliefs and values. This is proven to be quite the struggle for George Khan the father of the family, a strict Pakistanni muslim who has married a loud mouthed white woman from Lancashire who have raised six children in their small terraced house in Salford.

George Khan (Played by Om Puri) fully expects his two eldest sons to marry two painfully ugly Pakistanni girls from Bradford, the family come to a near collapse. The main theme running through the film is that of rejecting certain traditions and beleives, the children of the family are very much anti-pakistan (with the exception of one son) and each of them have their own quirky personalitys that clash in such a wonderfully funny way, for example the youngest of the family, Sajid is constantly picked on by his elder siblings after it is revealed he isnt circumscised  from birth and has to go through the operation at his later age to his horror and the delight of his brothers and sister.

Whislt the audience are treated to a steady flow of great comedic scenes such as the occasional fat jokes against one of their neighbours too a prosphetic vagina being revealed in the most hillarious of fashions in a moment of utter chaos. Of  course though this film gets most of its praise due to some of the more serious scenes, the audience throughout sympathises with George Khan, a man who only wants his family to be like everybody elses a perfect muslim family he can be proud of, obviously this does not go his way throughout and we see moments of pure emotion conveyd by George & his wife Ella in scenes in which we see George take out his rage on his wife and family as the dark cloud of abuse hangs around the film.

Another Great British film here which i would thoroughly reccomend to anybody looking for a few laughs as well as a bit of a serious film, you'll be treated too heart breaking moments coupled with seeing a great dane try and mount an overweight woman in a hideous multicoloured flowered dress on a salford housing estate.

Overall Grade: B+

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