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Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Inbetweeners movie (2011) - Ben Palmer

For me this was one hundred percent my most anticipated movie of the summer, being a nineteen year old university student this film absolutely ticks every box for me as my god, i can relate. Every cringeworthy scene had me thinking, thats me and my mates! Many critics were unsure whether Ben Palmers hit E4 show could make the transition from small to big screen, but personally i think they did it flawlessly, many would say its just an extended episode which it may be, but who cares? thats what we wanted too see!

The film itself follows a group of socially awkward lads from the south of England taking the first steps into adulthood leaving their innocent teenage years behind by upsholding the long standing British tradition of going on a lads holiday. You dont even have to think twice to know that the idea of following a group of lads on a messy coming of age holiday is going to be bloody hillarious!

Without giving away the prime comedy scenes, the film starts with an absolutely hillarious scene involving a packet of ham, a snorkel and an eastern european woman myself and the rest of the cinema were in stiches, comedy gold which only someone who has seen the inbetweeners before could really stomach. As we get into the film, the plot opens Simon is dumped by his girlfriend Carly, devasted the lads do their best to cheer him up by taking him on a lads holiday to Malia to get drunk, and get 'knee deep in clunge' as Jay so often says to the delight of the audience in the cinema.

The film is an emotional rollercoaster which at times when things dont go to plan and it had the audience groaning at screen, cringing and pure utter silence at the tense scenes, kudos to cast and behind the scenes team for captivating the audience in such a way i didnt think would be possible for the sitcom to do. Like the rest of my reviews i dont wish to give much away to plot but i will hilight some of the quality moments in the film that produced ultimate belly laughs and tears streaming down my face. The film is chocablock with cringeworthy scenes with Neil the 'slower' lad of the group (Lets be honest we've all got a neill in our group) providing the laughs, especially with his 'unique' pulling power and his slow wit producing one of the greatest moments in film history (If this were a well read review i'd be slated by every critic on earth for saying this but its just my opinion) when Neill has a run in with the 'Childrens toilet' in his run down apartment.

Its fair too say this film is most likely an aqquired taste and will only be well received in the UK but nowhere else as British humour is quite unique, something America has tried to recreate themselves with their god-awful remake of Skins, Shameless and now The inbetweeners but i imagine they wont even get close to the brilliance that is Will Buckley, Sim Bird, Joe Thomas & Blake Harrison. This coming of age comedy is a film a highly reccomend you must go see this summer. Its charming simplicity makes for a well spent hour and a half.

Overall Grade: A+

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