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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Garry's Mod [Game review]

Take any of your typical half-life characters and throw them into the middle of a field with a homemade rocket ship built out a shopping trolley to his left and a pile of corpses surrounded by burning watermelons and you have your typical foray into the sandbox mode of Garrys mod, a game developed by Garry Newman and released by Valve which allows you to do litteraly whatever you want with no boundries.

Garry's Mod is basically a usermade group of tools which allows you to edit your own game in anyway you can imagine, which when left to the imagination of a group of friends can be anything as spectacular as a whole city built down to a tee for the thousands of avid gamers to explore and wreck havock in or it could be a simple and silly as making two zombies look as if they're being caught in the most crude of situations thanks to Garry's Mod ragdoll manipulation tools.

Tools included in the sandbox gamemodes (Singleplayer & Mutliplayer) are vast an exciting to use, on my first play through on the single player sandbox i found myself spawning a handful of NPC's (None player character) and attaching ballons too them so that they float high up into the air, only for me to pull our a rocket launcher seconds later and blast them back down to earth in glorious fashion. Garry's Mod pretty much allows you to play god which as stated earlier, can lead to hillarious and horrific consequences.

Its in its Multiplayer modes that the game really comes into its own though, i've had this game for just under a month now and i've barely seen ANY of the content. There are an incredible ammount of game modes and maps to explore. Some of the main gamemodes are DarkRP (Servers that allow you to take a specific job and play out your characters profession in an enviroment set by the person who made the server for example, Fallout RP is a HUGE map that pretty much mimics that of Fallout New Vegas). Other gamemodes i've come across so far are Trouble in terrorist town (A deathmatch style game in which the players must work together via use of their microphones to determine who the spy is stealthily killing all the other players on the map) and Bunnyhop (A gamemode in which you have to jump across various items to in a certain ammount of time without falling into the water/lava).

Obviously there are a whole ton of gamemodes you can play but i shall only mention one last one as personally i've found it to be initiative and truely brilliant, GMOD Theater. This is basically a giant cinema you can walk around with other people in game and watch Youtube videos in one of the screens, players request what everyone watches and you have the power to vote to skip a video if its not to your taste. I found it an incredibly weird experienc watching Shaun of the dead with 30 other people in an online cinema at once whilst talking about it at the same time, it was one of my online gaming highlights so far (Nerd alert)!

I highly highly reccomend to everybody that you purchase this game some time in your life whilst you still have the time to play, for all the content you should purchase Garry's Mod in a bundle from the STEAM Store with Counter Striker: Scource, Half life or Left for dead.

Overall Grade: A++

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