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Friday, 19 August 2011

Arthur (2011) - Jason Winer

Jason Winers remake of the 1981 comedy featuring Dudley Moore was film was given a poor reception by film critics alike across the globe, which in my opinion is totally wrong as this film was not at all poor, Russell Brand may not be to everybodys taste, but i think the man is bloody hillarious and i could not think of a better actor/comedian to play the part of the Billionaire socialite.

The film follows Arthur, a reckless young billionaire (funded by his mothers business empire) steamrolling his way through life flaunting and splashing millions of dollars on lavish things he need not have as well as squandering his intelligence and bringing a bad name to his familys empire jepordising any future he may have within the company thus severing his ties with his money.

Arthurs steady flow of millions comes to an end when the family empire is put at risk by Arthurs hijinks, his other decides to give him an ultimatum, marry a woman whom he does not love (His ex-girlfriend and employee of his mothers with a very high up family of socialites) or lose his $950 dollar trust fund, the offer he relunctuntly agrees too. This is until he meets the girl of his dreams in a New York subway station whilst doing what he does best and is flaunting around New York in one of Abe Lincolns suit, swinging a cane round as he throws away more money. The girl in question is an unlicensed tour guide by the name of Naomi (Played by Greta Gerwig) whom Arthur spends countless efforts trying to win the womans affection over to no avail. Although of course Arthurs family do not approve of Naomi thus causing him to chose between his heart or his cash.

The casting in this film is very well done in my opinion, as stated before many slate Russell Brand for his perfomance in this film but lets be honest, who else could of pulled this off? Russell is basically playing himself before he married Katie Perry. (As he was when he played Aldous Snow in forgetting Sarah Marshall & Get him to the Greek). And of course i cannot write this review without mentioning Helen Mirrens involvement in the film she plays Arthurs nanny Hobson, who has been looked after the billionaire socialite since birth, she seems unfazed by his recklessness and has grown very much acustomed too it. Mirren adds that touch of witty humour and sarcasm that the film so very much needs too slow the pace down, as well of course as some raw emotion at times. Kudos goes to the casting of Luis Guzman playing Bitterman Arthurs loyal driver and Jennifer Garner as money grabbing Susan.

Ultimately this comedy based on excess and my lord is filled with excess (Once again who better to cast other than Mr. Brand.) and is very good for a laughs at times and is balanced out nicely with a love story that warms the heart. Although as an absolutely huge fan of Russell Brand this movie is perfect for myeslf (And anyone else looking to get their fix of Brand) and i could not fault it, although thats not to say this film and the humour from Brand is everybodys cup of tea.

Overall Grade: B+

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