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Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Hangover Part II (2011) - Todd Phillips

The wolfpack returns for a second helping of hazy hillarity dished out in the most over the top and side splitting of manners. This time the gang find themselves in a Bangkok hotel after a seemingly innocent couple of drinks on the bach in preparation for Stus big wedding turns into something far far more. From here on out the audience is treated to 102 minutes of watching the boys endure a series of humiliating disasters which led to their current prediciment.

Once again the plot follows the men Alan, Phil and Stu (With Doug pretty much out of the picture again apart from a the odd few scenes) with each character living up to their personalitys set in the first film. Phil being the straight guy who pulls the other two along throughout the film, stu the serial worrier and with the short fuse and of course Alan once again brilliantly played by Zach Galifianakis, the village idiot, although in this sequel it seems that Alans stupidity has rose to new heights, almost bordering on the retardation at times (That is not an overstatement). A welcome addition to gang (occasionally) is Mr. Chow, the lovable eccentric asian gangster who without a doubt gets some of the biggest laughs throughout.

Just as its predecessor the films biggest laughs and plause is its shock value, which we are treated too vastly. However, the film does heavily rely on that shock value and sight gags, which can only carry it so far. It is also a lot darker and grittier than the first film taking away that sharp edged humour at times and replacing it with a bit more seriousness at times. Having said this though its still good for plenty of laughs.

All in all, the film is admitedly a carbon copy of the first hangover just in different setting, but who am i too complain? I got some laughs out of it and i enjoyed it thoroughly which is the sole intention of the film really, who cares if its a bit samey? Not me! I'd reccomend this film fairly highly allbeit not as much so its predeccesor.

Overall Grade: B-

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