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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Bridesmaids (2011) - Paul Feig

It took some courage for me to watch this film as on the outside this just looks like another boring old rom-com chick-flick, or whatever you'd like to call it, and i am not one for those kind of films. My friend suggested to me yesterday that i watch it as he claimed it was just as funny as the inbetweeners movie we had just seen, of course i refused to beleive that until i saw it for myself so this afternoon i sat down and faced my fear of the dreaded rom-com.

Bridesmaids is a film based on the strong bond between friends and one womans search for love, okay from that description alone i would've shrugged the film off as yet another average movie. But after settling into the film after an awkward opening and fairly slow opening i started to let my gaurd down, mainly because of the couple of good laughs i got from the best character in the film by far, Megan (Absolutely brilliantly played by Melissa McCarthy) who in my opinion made this movie what it was!

The films main character, Annie is a thirty-something single woman whos life is spiralling out of control at a fast pace, with a non-exsistant relationship, unfulfilling job and not much going for her is entrusted by her childhood best friend to be the maid of honour at her upcoming wedding which is all fine and dandy until Annie comes face to face with her best friends, 'newer' best friend the gorgeous, wealthy Whitney (Played by Jessica St. Claire) gets competitive and the pair fight it out over who can organise the wedding, resulting in some hillarious and at times irritating scenes.

Of course this being a rom-com there had to be a snippet of romance somewhere in there, and to my shock the leading man in this movie was none other than Chris O'dowd (From the hit channel 4 series the IT crowd) who at first seemed to me to be hideously out of place in this kind of film, but further on in, it seems that it was a genius bit of casting. Sadly i cant say the same for the addition of Matt Lucas and Rebel Wilson who play an oddball brother and sister combo, which quite frankly didnt fit in at all and made me slightly embarrased to be British from the way they were portrayed (Especially Rebels character)!

Overall i'd say this film wasnt so bad at all, mainly thanks to humour sprinkled in throughout which in places i believe they got wrong where they failed to get even a chuckle out of me, but i cant slate it too much really as it was well done. The film which in all honest gave me an ill impression of the opposite sex (Not that i didnt know already) but kudos for the writers turning the tables and showing the woman as the immature, unbalanced sex for once, whilst at the same time balancing it up with other major plot points i wong go into, until you've seen it yourself!

Overall Grade: C+

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