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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) - Henry Joost

Forgive my rustiness as anyone who took a slight interest in my blog over the summer will know that i've since gone back to university and have had no time whatsoever too watch many new movies/play any new games. So i'm right in thinking thath perhaps my comeback review for the christmas period might be a bid shoddy.

To begin a run of what i'm hoping will be a whole month of brand new reviews i'm starting with the most recent film i've seen on the big screen, Paranormal Activity 3. Part of the cult franchise that has turned out to be an absolutely huge moneymaker for paramount pictures, despite the fact that perhaps that the franchise isnt well liked by many, and is seen as somewhat of a joke.

Paranormal Activity 3 is set in the late 1980's following a young family consisting of a young mother and her boyfriend, dennis, and her two young daughters Katie and Kristi. Kristi is haunted by an unatural presence who she refers to as Toby, her imaginary friend when in fact the presence is a demon (Hardly too much of a spoiler there). Denins, a wedding photographer notices strange goings on throughout the family home and sets up cameras throughout the house too record any of the strange goings on. Que your typical 80 + minutes of jumping out of your seat everytime you hear a strange noise or see something in the corner of your eye.

By now you'd have thought that the Paranormal Activity franchise has squeezed all it can from the homemade style horror idea but low and behold they found new ways too keep us going, one scene imperticular where Dennis straps his videocameras onto a fan too get a better perspective of the whole room whilst filming keeps the audience on standby, the tension created by the small little things like this is what really sold the film too me, as in all honesty i was execting too be less than imperssed when i went into the cinema, but i came out the cinema genuinly quite scared (Each to their own, as i know people who have gone in and came out in fits of laughter at how poor they thought it was).

All in all i genuinly found this film to be worth every penny, i wanted a scare, i got a scare. As a mild fan of the horror genre thats all i really wanted. The acting was really top notch at times and everybody on and off camera got the film spot on, i genuinly beleived that perhaps the franchise was going to die out after PA2, but here i stand told otherwise. A great watch, go and see it!

Overall Grade: B+

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